CashMinute | HOW IT WORKS?

How it works

How does CashMinute works?

Sending money has never been easier, with CashMinute all it takes is only 3 easy steps. Whether you are using our APP or Website. The steps are always the same:

1. SELECT YOUR RECIPIENT'S COUNTRY AND THE AMOUNT: Choose from 81 countries around the globe. Our exchange rate and fees will be calculated in real-time for you so you know how much your recipient will get.

2. ENTER RECIPIENT DETAILS AND CHOOSE THE PAYOUT OPTION THAT SUITS YOUR RECIPIENT: Provide us with the needed information about your recipient and how you want them to receive their money. You can choose between Cash pickup, Bank deposit, Mobile money or Airtime top-up.

3. PAY & CONFIRM: Choose one of our various payment methods and confirm.

Your Transaction is now completed & on its way…

And remember, We’ll stay in touch with both of you and your recipient and keep you both updated about the progress of your transfer via emails, in-app notifications, and SMS.

Sign up now and your first transfer is free of charge, hurry-up!

Customer Service Available 24/7 For Whatever You Need

Competitive Exchange Rates And The Lowest Fees

No Need To Visit An Agent Or Bank In Person

Available In 81 Countries And Counting

We’re Secure And FCA Regulated, And We Take Your Safety Very Seriously

Get A Full Refund If Your Money Transfer Is Not Delivered After You Have Funded The Transfer Terms & Conditions Apply

Tips about sending money with CashMinute

Before you start: make sure you have all the details of the person you’re sending money to.

To avoid any delay: triple-check that all the details you add in are correct so that there aren’t any mistakes.

Verifying your identity: as we’re a regulated financial organization we might need to verify your identity as part of our standard procedure, but don’t worry because it’s very easy to do: just upload a copy of your valid photo ID via our App or Website whenever required.

Track your transfer: now, you can track exactly where your transfer is using the tracking feature on our website and in our app. Just go to your transaction history and open your transaction to start following your money on its journey.

We’ll keep you updated: We’ll stay in touch with both of you and your recipient and keep you both updated about the progress of your transfer via emails, in-app notifications, and SMS.

Your Security is our top priority

We are very diligent about keeping you and your money safe. It’s our number one priority.

Our industry-leading technology protects your privacy, your money and guarantees it arrives safely anywhere in the world every time.

Here are just a few of the measures we take to keep you and your money safe:

1. Identity verification

We use sophisticated modeling that allows us to spot suspicious persons and transactions long before any harm can be done.

2. Team of security experts

Our team is always monitoring our systems for any unusual behavior and keep a watchful eye on your money transfer.

3. We never store your payment information

For your protection, we never store your payment information on our servers. That means your card information can never be compromised in our system & we comply to GDPR.

4. Ongoing development

We value your money and your privacy as much as you do. That’s why we’re always updating and testing our systems to ensure that your money and your account details are secure.

Your money’s in safe hands with us

Send And Receive Money Wherever You Are 24/7