CashMinute | About


CASHMINUTE is a trading name of Jalloh Enterprise LTD. A company authorized and regulated by the the Financial Conduct Authority FRN: 507189. HM Revenue and customs MLRO NO: 12195346.

We are a global money transfer company with over 15 years experience in global remittances.

From its inception in 2004, the company has evolved from a simple idea and concept to a professional player in the remittance market.

At Cash Minute, we provide reliable online money transfer services at competitive rates. Our service package, which includes remittance payments to most countries in West Africa and to other regions around the world, is publicly available online.

To support this, we also provide high quality customer service, ensuring a notable level of customer satisfaction.

Our core business

Working from our base at the East of London, we offer quick & secure online money transfer services across the United Kingdom, Europe and the globe.

In particular, we’re specialized in providing a safe way to send money to West Africa at a high competitive rates and with a high level of reliability.

Money transfer services need to be fast & secure and backed-up by professional customer services and that is exactly what we offer.
CashMinute offers a convenient online method of sending money abroad quickly and cheaply.

At present, our services include fast, safe and reliable money transfer to 81 different countries world wide and with over 14,000+ money pickup locations worldwide.

Looking to the future

We’re actively and continually look to develop our services in many regions around the globe, and to add new products to our portfolio of payment services.

By doing so, we aim to achieve sustainable growth while providing service quality that exceeds expectations to our customers.